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Affiliate Program

Once you sign up, you will receive your unique bounty ID and bounty referral address. You have to use your bounty address in all posts and publications you make on social networks and when sending to people. Each sale generated through the referral address will get you 5% of the contributed amount in tokens. For example if an ICO participant buys 10,000 CRGO tokens, you will get 500 CRGO tokens as a referral bonus. We might introduce additional bonuses in CRGO/ETH for the most active affiliates.

Social Media Channels

CargoCoin official social channel are as follows:

Bounty Hunter Program

Up to date information is available at Bitcointalk:

To participate in CargoCoin's bounty hunter program, you need to fill in the short registration form. What we need to know about you as a bounty hunter is: your name (real of fictious), your e-mail address (for login and contact purposes), your password to access your dashboard and most importantly you need to add all of your social media accounts, such as your Facebook profile url, twitter url, Telegram url, LinkedIn url, any Facebok or LinkedIn pages that you have, any blog urls, youtube channel url, etc.

CargoCoin bounty hunters and affiliate program is very simple. We have allocated 10% of the tokens (10 mln. tokens) to this program, divided as follows:

  • 3 mln. tokens for the bounty hunter campaign;
  • 7 mln. tokens for the affiliate/referral program;

Bounty Program

In addition to the affiliate program, by providing word of mouth for CargoCoin, you will have to do certain actions and each action can earn you extra points. Actions are not limited to the list below, but these are the most often and most valuable types of action that you could perform. Each action will earn you different amount of points, but we will not disclose how many points are earned for each type of action in order to avoid fraudulent actions:

  • Youtube video - create a youtube video review of CargoCoin in your language and upload it on your channel. The video has to be related to CargoCoin and talk about CargoCoin. The description of the video must contain a link to the CargoCoin website (you can use your affiliate ID as the link of course).
  • Youtube channel - subscribe to our official youtube channel, like our official videos, post at least 1 comment per week under one of our official videos. Post a comment about CargoCoin under other videos related to ICOs or transport industry.
  • Blog post - write your own unique blog post on CargoCoin and post to your personal blog, or to somebody else’s blog. The blog post has to contain your affiliate address at least once.
  • Article - write your own unique article about CargoCoin and publish it online. The article has to contain your affiliate address at least once.
  • Translation - we are looking for whitepaper translations for the following languages: Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian.
  • Facebook - like and share CargoCoin Facebook page, rate it and write a review, while rating it. Share any post of CargoCoin Facebook page and include your affiliate address. Write a Facebook post about CargoCoin on your wall and always reference @theCargoCoin and add your affiliate address to your post.
  • Twitter - follow and retweet CargoCoin twitter account. Retweet CargoCoin's tweets and include your affiliate address. Make a new tweet about CargoCoin and always reference @theCargoCoin in your post and if possible add your affiliate address.
  • Telegram - follow CargoCoin telegram account and join our Telegram super group. Make at least 2 meaningful posts to the Telegram group each week. Facebook post or tweet about our Telegram group and reference @theCargoCoin.
  • Bitcointalk - add CargoCoin signature to your Bitcointalk account for the duration of the ICO. Your account has to be a minimum junior member level. Make a post about CargoCoin on the official forum thread, or start your own thread. Especially valuable are threads in languages in other than English, i.e. in your native language. Make posts in alt discussion about CargoCoin.
  • Medium - follow us on Medium and applaud any articles published.
  • Others - we welcome any other activity you could do. Feel free to submit any other activity that you have done for the CargoCoin.

All posts/articles should be meaningful and make sense in the context of CargoCoin and the shipping/transport industry. Since quality is very subjective matter, CargoCoin team will be the sole arbiter in this process.

Each action that you do will earn you points for doing so. Points could be adjusted up or down based on manual review of CargoCoin team. Each action should be recorded in your bounty account by the bounty hunter. As you soon as you register you will receive access to your dashboard, where you can record and monitor your activity.

Every week we will give out a special price to the most active bounty hunter during that week. Weeks for the bounty program are considered as periods starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Special prices will be distributed the following week.

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